Moberly School District Header Image
Moberly School District Header Image


Central Office Administration

Photo Image of Dustin Fanning
Dr. Dustin Fanning
Photo Image of Parisa Stoddard
Parisa Stoddard
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction
Photo Image of Bryan Thomsen
Dr. Bryan Thomsen
Assistant Superintendent Of Human Resources, Special Programs & Title IX Coordinator

Central Office Support Staff

Photo of Trudie Barnett
Trudie Barnett
Photo of Jenn Myles
Jenn Myles
Secretary for Parisa Stoddard
Photo of Katie Painter
Katie Painter
Secretary for Bryan Thomsen

Photo of Michelle Hughes
Michelle Hughes

Photo Image of Danielle Fiala
Danielle Fiala
Payroll & Retirement

Photo Image of Laura Hurt
Laura Hurt
Personnel & Benefits

District Support Services Staff

Photo of Penny
Penelope Fadler
Director of Special Services
& Director of Guidance
Photo Image of Megan Bloss
Megan Bloss
Special Services
Photo Image of Ken Bailey
Ken Bailey
Director of Quality
Improvement &
Photo Image of Nancy Fleming
Nancy Fleming
School Psychometrist
Photo Image of Bonnie Delaney
Bonnie DeLaney
School Psychometrist
Image of Spartan Logo

K-12 Process Coordinator for Evaluation
Photo of Kellie O'Brien
Kellie O'Brien
Process Coordinator
Photo Image of Tara Link
Tara Link
Innovation Coach
Photo Image of Ashley Patrick
Ashley Patrick
Literacy Coach
Photo of Sara McDowell
Sara McDowell
K-5 Math Coach
Photo of Brooke Klein
Brooke Klein
Resource Coordinator
Web page
Photo of Paige Sanders
Paige Sanders
Resource Coordinator
Web page
Photo Image of Jessica Gross
Jessica Gross
K-5 Behaviorial Interventionist
Photo of Amy Mellon
Amy Mellon
Health Services Coordinator

District Maintenance Services Staff

Photo Image of Glen Herron
Glen Herron
Director, Facilities
Photo Image of David Owens
David Owens
Asst Director, Facilities
Photo of Michael Viers
Michael Viers
Photo of Bobby Harris
Bobby Harris
Photo Image of Tim Vestal
Tim Vestal
Image of Spartan Logo
Dean Owens
Photo of Daniel Bowden
Daniel Bowden
Photo Image of Aaron Simmerman
Aaron Simmerman
Photo of Wilbur Smith
Wilbur Smith
District Mail Courier
Photo Image of Rick Thornton
Rick Thornton
Floating Custodian
Photo of Matt Bailey
Matt Bailey
Floating Custodian
Photo of Regina Brown
Regina Brown
Facilities Secretary